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We are an engineering and technology solutions provider focused on providing end-to-end Industrial IoT Systems and Solutions to customers across geographies. At yzThings we have a culture of innovation which gives us the edge to provide competetive solutions to our customers. Our specialization is in machine data digitization, machine characterization and integration of data from all your green field (new generation) or brown field (old) machines. We support customers in analyzing the data either manually or in an automated manner, using AI/ML techniques.

For other solution providers in the IIOT space, we provide consulting on advanced mathematical methods for analyzing machinary data. It is our endeavor to become a long term reliable solutions partner to engineering centric industries or system integrators world wide.


V-ONE Industrial IoT Platform

A data visualization platform built specifically for MSMEs willing to embrace challenges imposed by the impending industrial revolution. This platform is primarily used to visualize data from various data sources such as yzNodes, PLCs, HMIs and VFDs. One can download a specific duration data in CSV format or PDF format. Alerts/Alarms are also configurable. The platform includes visualization, analytics and reporting features to suit your needs and budget. White labeling of the platform is also supported.

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Data Capturing Nodes
  • yzNode-Model-T1 - A multi utility data capturing device specifically for industrial applications. Can capture multi phase energy and various environmental parameters. We also provide support for integrating these nodes into your IoT solutions. Customization available for orders on MoQ. Please talk to us for more details.
  • yzNode1-mini - An industrial data capturing device with in built rechargeable battery for environmental parameters
Data Aggregation Modules
  • PICSTM1 - A semi custom data aggregation module with LoRA and MODBUS RTU support. Targeted for small enterprises.
  • yzNode-Model-T2 - uCLinux based nodes (also serves as a Gateway)

  • YUT Series OpenWRT based Gateways - An OpenWRT based industrial grade gateway with LTE and WiFI support. We also provide additional remote management and edge analytics support for this series of devices.

  • yzPort series AC-DC modules - Universal AC input to 5V DC output modules with USB port. Applications range from powering the data aggregation modules or data nodes or general mobile battery charging applications.
  • AC-DC modules for IoT devices - These are modules specifically design for the "Things" in IoT.. Typical applications are IoT devices with rechargeable batteries, Electronic products requiring on board DC power from mains supply, RnD projects, Proof of Concept demonstration, bread boarding of hardware circuits, etc.
  • CSM Modules - For high power current sensing in industrial applications. Supports upto 200A.
  • VSM Modules - These are tri-axial relative vibration sensors with integrated temperature monitoring. An example of disruptive applications of technology, suitable for equipment health monitoring.


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Product Engineering

Application Domains

  • Auto & Capital Goods
  • Healthcare & Lifesciences
  • Perishable Goods
  • Research & Development

    We invest significantly in RnD to develop new techniques and processes that help our customers adapt and stay competetive in the new digitial revolution. We have relevant test bed infrastructure to validate new techniques and methodologies. Our RnD theme is developing efficient techniques to and for interconnected people, processess and machines. We believe that data driven closed loop systems will be integral to most, if not all solutions developed and deployed as part of the new "industrial revolution". Consiquently, our RnD is structured around identifying efficient techniques for gathering, exchanging and processing information from physical, biophysical or cyber physical systems with an optimized mixture of edge and cloud infrastructure utilization. Our endeavour is to help deliver solutions that minimize recurring expenses for our customers while improving productivity of people, processes and machines.

    Research Topics
    • Reliable methods for remote management of electro-mechanical systems.
    • Digitization and processing of low amplitude, varying phase and frequency signals.
    • Efficient techniques for information extraction and interpretation in constrained environments.
    • Digital techniques for operational efficiency.
    Sample Research Applicability
    • Hybrid mode autonomous machine operation.
    • Affordable diagnosis of medical conditions.
    • Data driven intelligent scheduling for improved productivity in process and manufacturing industries.
    • Feature extraction, correlation and correspondance on historical data for predictive analytics.
    To know more about our internal RnD infrastructure or activities please write to us.

    Articles/ Publications

    Please write to info@yzthings.com for information regarding our patents and other intellectual property matters.


    Research Associate

    Mathematics or Science graduates interested in interdesciplinary applied research in any of the topics mentioned in RnD section may apply for this position. Candidate should be positive minded and open to conducting research with minimal guidance. Should be willing to support experiments to assess feasibility of a concept, prove or disprove relevant hypothesis. This will involve usage of lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, electronic loads or any other necessary equipment. This may also involve modeling and simulation of circuits and/or system components. Should be willing to co-create demos and publish experiments in the form of articles or papers in relevant forums.

    Interested candidates may send their resume to rnd@yzthings.com with a covering letter indicating their research interests and statement of purpose.

    For other non-research positions please send your resumes to careers@yzthings.com

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